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A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace


by John Knowles

Elwin Lepellier Timeline and Summary

  • Leper is with the boys when they jump from the tree the first time; he declines to join them.
  • When Leper does finally decide to do a jump, Gene and Phineas come with him to the tree. They climb first to do their double jump, which is when Finny falls and breaks his leg.
  • When the normal school year starts in September, Leper and his collection of snails have moved to a different dorm.
  • When Gene heads off to help clear snow from the railroad tracks, he bumps into Leper, who is cross-country skiing and looking for a beaver dam.
  • When he boys come back from clearing the railroad tracks, Brinker makes fun of Leper for being a naturalist.
  • In awe of the ski troops he sees on a recruiting video, Leper joins the army.
  • Back at Devon, the boys imagine Leper's participation in all the biggest war goings-on.
  • Leper sends a telegram to Gene saying that he's escaped, is hiding out at "Christmas location," and needs help at once. He signs it "Your best friend."
  • Gene discovers that Leper has gone mad. It's also clear that Leper believes Gene responsible for Finny's accident. He describes a variety of his psychotic visions, all having to do with odd transformations.
  • Leper comes back to Devon and is seen hiding in the shrubbery about campus.
  • He is called as a witness during Brinker's assembly hall "investigation." He gives the truth in a round-about way and finally stops himself, calling Brinker a bastard and refusing to answer any more questions.