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Sequences and Series

Sequences and Series

 Table of Contents

Sequences and Series Examples

Basic Rules and Notation

Basic Nules and Rotation…We Mean Rules and NotationFirst thing's first. Before we go writing rules for sequences willy-nilly, we need to establish a common notation or way of writing these things...

Recursive Rules

Recursive. That word makes us think of second grade when teachers forced us to write with the cursive m that had three humps instead of two. Whoever came up with that? Either way, recursive rules h...


It's All Starting To Add UpIf sequences are the regular season, series are the Super Bowl. You have to be successful during the football season to get to the big game. Series build on sequences th...

Arithmetic Sequences

Okay Shmoopers, if you've made it this far, you're ready to get a little more specific with all this sequence and series business. Luckily, we are here to meet your every need and desire. Totally....

Arithmetic Series

Time to crank it up another notch with arithmetic series. The only difference between an arithmetic series and an arithmetic sequence is that the series is just the addition of all the terms.There...

Geometric Sequences

It is our experience that people tend to wig out by the time they to geometric sequences. Shmoop to the rescue. What else is new? All you need to remember is that while arithmetic sequences add to...

Geometric Series

It's the last section, Shmoopers. Geometric series are just the added together version of a geometric sequence. We use the same sigma notation we used with arithmetic series so we have a general fo...

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