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Sequences: The Sequential Succession Scandal True or False

1. The following number line represents which sequence?


2. Which graph represents the sequence ? ->
3. Which sequence is represented by the graph?


4. The sequence an = (-1)nn! is -> neither increasing nor decreasing
5. The sequence  has -> a lower bound only
6. The sequence  -> is unbounded and converges
7. The sequence  -> converges to 2
8. Which of the following statements are true?

(I) If a sequence is bounded then that sequence must converge.
(II) If a sequence converges then that sequence must be bounded.
(III) If a sequence is unbounded then that sequence must diverge.
(IV) If a sequence diverges then that sequence must be unbounded. -> (II) and (IV)

9. Dan has $20 in the bank. He deposits $7 per week, so that after 1 week he has $27, after 2 weeks he has $34, etc. After how many weeks will he have $300? -> 39
10. Lucy puts $200 in the bank at an interest rate of 4% per year. After one year she has 4% more money than she started with, after two years she has 4% more money than she did after one year, etc. How much money does she have after 20 years? -> $421.37