Series 6 Exam

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Series 6: Getting you ready for Wall Street

In our Series 6 guide, we teach you everything you need to know to pass the Series 6 exam. Simple as that.

How do we do it? By introducing you to the basic concepts that will get you ready for a career on Wall Street. And not just for working in the mail room either. Although we're sure that sorting mail is an honorable profession in its own right. So... not there's anything wrong with that.

Ready to get an introduction to stocks, bonds, and all those other methods of medieval torture? You're in the right place if you're Dow Jonesin' for more...

What do you get with Shmoop's Series 6 Exam Prep?

  • a) Overview of the exam and review of all the important concepts. If the exam is a summer blockbuster, this is the trailer.
  • b) More support drills than you can shake a stick at. Not that you should be shaking sticks anyways. You're still on parole.
  • c) Flashcards and vocab words for your studying pleasure. Just save some pleasure for the actual test.
  • d) 3 full-length practice exams so you know what to expect. Watch out for the Spanish Inquisition though.
  • e) A dashboard to review your astounding progress. Can be printed
    and hung on mom's refrigerator.
  • f) All of the above!

$ 63.63

Answer: F) All of the above. Jackpot!

It's Your Lucky Day

for a six-month license*

*That's about 2 cents an hour. Just FYI.

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