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Know how many questions to expect in a section. There are about 500,000 buffalo in North America...and I expect to see each one of them at the next family reunion. (Uncle Abe, I'm looking at you.)

Recap #5

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Recap #5

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Recap #5 Drill

Where have you gone, Mr. Marx?

Myron was crunching through violations like they were Altoids:

  • Churning
  • Unauthorized Transactions
  • Misrepresenting the Status of Customer Accounts
  • Accepting Orders from Authorized Third Parties
  • Commingling

When Bubbie wrote a check to Myron and he deposited it in his personal account, how could she know what would becomes of the money? Once Bubbie's money was commingled with Myron's cash, there was no going back.

Myron was far from done, but that can't come as a...

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