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Know how many questions to expect in a section. There are about 500,000 buffalo in North America...and I expect to see each one of them at the next family reunion. (Uncle Abe, I'm looking at you.)

SSPN: ShmoopCenter Recap #6

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SSPN: ShmoopCenter Recap #6

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    Myron’s turn as Stiffy is putting him on par with some pretty nasty characters. It’s kind of epic, really, the way he is racking up violations. As master of Myron, Stiffy has recently bitten gleefully into such forbidden fruits as Misappropriation of client funds, Unauthorized borrowing of client funds/securities, Sharing in a client’s profits/losses, Hiding written complaints, Making performance guarantees, and Misusing “Certified” or “Approved”.

    Fortunately, Marx has finally s...

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