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Know how many questions to expect in a section. There are about 500,000 buffalo in North America...and I expect to see each one of them at the next family reunion. (Uncle Abe, I'm looking at you.)

Balance Sheet B.S.

“So at this point, the company’s equity was:

500,000 Preferred stock
1,000,000 Common stock

“And note that at inception, the three of us owned the company 33-33-33, thirdsies; at that point each of us owned 333,333 shares out of a total of 1,500,000 or about 22%, assuming a successful outcome. We owned somewhere between that number and the square root of zero in a less successful outcome. The Net Worth of the company was then $500,000. It’s just the cash.”

“There is $1,000,000 of perc...

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