Series 7 Exam

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The Greatest Financial Story Ever Told* by Cecil B. DeShmoop

*Not in fact the greatest financial story ever told…but up there

In our Series 7 guide, we teach you the concepts you need to know to pass the Series 7 exam. Simple as that.

How do we do it? By walking through the fabled creation, funding rounds, IPO, and hot-stock (and then not-so-hot-stock) of a real-ish company.

Wacky founders? Check. A greedy CEO? Check. Semi-informed buyers? Check.

There are lots of characters you'll recognize. And hey, once you know your stuff, you can join the ranks!

What do you get with Shmoop's Series 7 Exam Prep?

  • a) Fun overview of the exam and review of all important concepts. Yeah, we said fun.
  • b) More support drills than you can shake a stick at.
  • c) Flashcards and vocab words for your studying pleasure.
  • d) 3 full-length practice exams so you know what you're getting into.
  • e) A dashboard to review your astounding progress.
  • f) All of the above!

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Answer: F) All of the above. Jackpot!

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