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Some of my friends recommend clenching and unclenching my buttocks during the exam. Personally, I prefer not to receive advice about my hindquarters during times of stress.

Company Structure – Limited Liability, Partnership, etc.

Dashboard > Chapter 1: The Start-Up (Awesome But Optional) > Company Structure – Limited Liability, Partnership, etc.

Company Structure – Limited Liability, Partnership, etc.

Also known as: Everything You Wanted to Know about Startups and Didn't Think to Ask and Even Though It Isn't Specifically on the Series 7 It's a Good Foundation for Knowledge So You Should Read It Anyway.

Once upon a time…(and for you whiners, you will not be tested on any of the venture capital back story so DON'T TAKE NOTES—just read and er, digest)

"The Sauce" Kings

The smell permeated the entire house like it was "built in." Their Bubbie (Jedi name for grandmother) had roasted so many po...

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