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I'm a big believer in visualizing success. I was a late bloomer, but Mom always told me to picture myself as the largest land mammal in North America. Now who's the size of a small pickup truck? This buffalo.

The Key Players – Bankers, Underwriters, Syndicate

Dashboard > Chapter 3: Going Public > The Key Players – Bankers, Underwriters, Syndicate

The Key Players – Bankers, Underwriters, Syndicate

The Key Players

An IPO is like an elaborate 17th century dance. There are many roles and everyone has to play their part, or that stately minuet starts to look like the mosh pit at a Radiohead concert.

The Investment Bankers. Played here by SilverSlacks. Investment bankers advise companies on the best way to raise capital, the proposed selling price, how much to sell, and similar useful information like which tie goes with which shirt.

The Underwriter. This is the midwife, who actually...

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