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Man, those test proctors really come down hard on talking. I got kicked out for bellowing quietly in the corner and chewing on a test booklet.

Ownership & Control – Voting, Board of Directors, etc.

Dashboard > Chapter 1: The Start-Up (Awesome But Optional) > Ownership & Control – Voting, Board of Directors, etc.

Ownership & Control – Voting, Board of Directors, etc.

Governing: Who's The Boss? (Of The Sauce)

The Sauce Company Corporation also forms a board of directors who are elected by the common stockholders—but for protection's sake, Reid has a contractually obligated board seat as part of his investment as long as he owns 10% or more of the company, fully diluted and fully converted, unless he wants to resign or is convicted of financial fraud but not if he just kills someone. Financial regulatory laws are very uptight about thieves…not so much about ...

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