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1. Which of the following are series?

(i) 3

(ii) 3 + 4

(iii) 3,4→(i) and (ii)

2. 󑴖
3. Determine which series has expanded form

4. Find the first 3 terms of the sequence of partial sums for the series


5. The infinite sequence  has partial sums Sn given by the formula

Which of the following statements must be true?→ converges to 0.

6. Consider the infinite series  and the following statements:

(I) If  converges then .
(II) If the terms an converge to 0 then  converges.
(III) If the terms an do not converge to 0 then  diverges.

Which statements must be true?→(I), (II), and (III)

7. If , what can we say about the behavior of ?→We can't say anything about the behavior of .
8. The Divergence Test says that the series


9. The Divergence Test says that the series


10. The series

→may converge, but more investigation is needed

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