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Series Resources

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Series Cheatsheet

This isn’t a list of your favorite TV shows. This is a list of the most common infinite series that show up in mathematics, along with the convergence tests. But if you find the Golden Girls in this list, don’t be surprised.

Review List of Series Convergence Tests

Having trouble finding the basket-weaving test for series convergence? There’s a good reason why. This is an encyclopedic link for series convergence tests.

Solved Series Convergence Problems

Just because you have a jack-hammer doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Learn how to use the different series convergence tests from these solved examples.


Testing a Geometric Series for Convergence or Divergence

Like the travelers on the Oregon Trail, some geometric series will get where they are going. Others will never make it, left to wander aimlessly. This video will show you how to tell those who will make it from those that will not.

Integral Test Example

Integrals: the gifts that keep on giving. This link shows you how to use them to solve series convergence problems.

Alternating Series Test Examples

It’s not an electrical socket, but you still can’t put your fork in it. Learn how to use the alternating series test to determine if the series is convergent.

Conditional Convergence, Absolute Convergence, and Divergence Examples

With so many different types of convergence, you could use a video guide for different series that fit the descriptions. Wait until you learn there are different types of infinity too.

Ratio Test Example

KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly. The ratio test is easily the simplest of all the series tests. It works well, most of the time. Learn how here.

Comparison Test Example

When you come across an animal you don't recognize in the woods, how do you know if it is going to eat you or let you live? You compare it to other animals. With the comparison test, you can do the same with infinite series.

Games and Tools

Strategy Guide on Solving Series Convergence Problems

You don’t need to be a psychic to figure out which series test is the best to use. This is a simple strategy guide that will act a trailhead so you can find your way.

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