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Serqet's Wall


Night shift again. :(

Are you still working in Duat?

Yeah. It pays well, and the benefits are great.

Skip! C'mon, just once. We'll go party right meow.

I can't. Seriously, Ra would kill me (you know, if Apep didn't kill him first... yikes). I just wish there were more parties at, like, 2 p.m. This gig kind of ruins my social life.

Pssssh. I party 24/7.

Okaaaay. I wish there were more parties with *people I like* at 2 p.m.

Hey! Hey! I know how to cheer you up! LOLZ 

Can you babysit Horus this afternoon? I'm going on a date with Osiris.

For sure. One question, though: isn't Osiris...um, departed?

That didn't stop us before! wiiiiiink

Isis. I love you. But that's gross.

Well we wouldn't have Horus if it weren't for the love of Osiris and I knowing no bounds.

Seriously, Mom?? bleggghhh

Ooooookay. Anywhoo, the scorpions and I will be by in an hour or so. We'll just see you guys then.

Whoever wants to come: Book Club at my house Sunday morning. We'll be discussing The Little Black Book of Gastroenterology (3rd edition, naturally). I'll have snacks. Neith, my beautiful co-host, will supply the beverages.


I am so in.

is attending.

Does this mean I get to make y'all read books on the lungs for the next meeting?


Awww yeah, gastro-girls unite! I told Duamutef that he's coming too. He never checks his profile, so consider this my RSVP for him.


is attending.


is attending.

I was just taking some souls down to the River Styx last night and thought of you. It's been, what, like two years since that Dealing with the Dead conference??

Has it really been two years? Man, I've got to find more reasons to get out of town. I skipped last year's because I couldn't get the time off.

I hear the theme this year is "Be Sensitive: on Guiding Those Who Don't Know They're Dead." Guaranteed to be terrible, but Hades said I have to go.

Guys, it's going to be totally good. I've got a whole series of classes I'm doing! My favorite is—wait for it—"Making Conversation: What to Do When Your Company is a Bit Stiff". Eh? EH??

That class sounds like it was made for me.


Yeah, don't be fooled by whatever the Board came up with for the theme. It's going to be great. I'm getting a panel together on the Ethics of Funeral Pyres. It's kind of a hot-button issue.

Osiris, if you can convince Ra to give me a couple nights off, I will love you forever.

Consider it done, darlin'.


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