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Seshat's Wall



I knew you'd get it. I love xkcd. Math has never been more fun.

Wait. What's wrong with the golden ratio?

And what's wrong with the number seven? It's my favorite.

I don't understand any of this

Obviously you haven't finished your homework yet. Get off the Internet.

likes this.

Aw, mom!

Listen, sis, I was going to email you about something.

Don't worry. I already answered.

But I didn't send it yet.

You didn't have to. I already know what you're going to ask.

That's creepy.

Not really. I invented language and she invented time. We do this sometimes.

Didn't we already have this conversation?

No. We'll have it next week.

Oh. Never mind then.

My brain hurts.


Hahaha! I love it.


It made me think of you.

posted an event: Reading

Ooh! When? Where?

All the time. Everywhere. Does it have to be specific?

Well, it helps if you want to know when to come over.

You don't need to come over. Read your own scrolls.

LEGO Spokesman

Lady Seshat, we were wondering if you'd be interested in designing any new structures for our kits to create.

This could be fun. What did you have in mind? A 14-dimensional model of a Brachytrachelopan? Interactive miniature galaxies that power themselves with quantum physics? Fully functional pocket-sized nuclear reactors? Kids could store their own energy for a few generations. Great selling point.

LEGO Spokesman

Actually, we were just thinking about buildings. Houses, shops, maybe a police station. Or a library? You like those, don't you?

Buildings? How quaint.


Oh Great Seshat, I have a question.



What's that thing on top of your head?

It's a flower or a star, with seven petals or points, and two cow's horns like Hathor's.

Except hers point down instead of up, like mine.




Don't tell me you're another one of those goofy people who thought it was a marijuana leaf.


Why would I think that?

You can't lie to me, kid. Now get back to your homework.


Yes ma'am.

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