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Seth (Set)

Seth (Set)

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Seth (Set) Photos

The Original Party Animal
Hanging out on the back of a sphinx they gave Ramses II for his birthday one year. [Inscription detail, sphinx from Tanis, Egypt, dated from Ramses II's lifetime (1279-1213BCE)]

Action Figure
I totally want one of these. Does it have a was-scepter kung fu grip? [Seth statuette photograph by Medicalmycologist, 2009.]

Hail to the King!
Horus the Younger and I stopped fighting long enough to make sure Ramses II got a nice crown for all his work on the temples of Abu Simbel. But as soon as they carved this image, we went right back to our contendings! [Wall relief of Seth and Horus the Younger blessing Ramses II, inside the smaller temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt, ca. 1255BCE]

She Even Likes My Hyenas
This is my mistress, Astarte from Canaan. I won her after Horus the Younger got the kingship. Not bad for a consolation prize, huh? [Image of Astarte feeding hyenas. Artwork by Camocon, 2011.]

Look at Those Spears
This is my other Canaanite mistress, Anat. I try not to make her mad. [Image of warrior Anath from an Egyptian papyrus. Modern drawing by Camocon, 2011.]

Is This the Real Set Beast?
People have been trying for centuries to figure out what kind of animal my sacred animal is. Some think it's an African Hunting Dog (lycaon pictus), like these. It's a made-up animal, actually, made up of various animals I'm associated with, including dogs, pigs, anteaters, and even donkeys! [Photo 2008 by Mosztics Attila.]

Not All Pharaohs Are the Living Horus!
In the Second Dynasty, pharaoh Peribsen decided to take my name instead of Horus's for his throne name. At least somebody loves me. [Stela from the tomb of Per-ib-sen, 2nd Dynasty (ca. 2750BCE) and detail, originally from Abydos, Egypt.]

Look What I Got!
Notice anything missing, Horus, you little punk? [Eye of Horus amulet, ca. 500BCE, originally found in Susa (modern Iran).]

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