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Seth (Set)'s Wall



likes this.

likes this.

Did not.

Did too.

Did not.

Did too. And got the crown to prove it! Check it.

Did not.

Oh, stop it already, Seth. It's over. You lost. Go home.

I am home. Now both of you go away.

posted an event on his Wall: Hurricane Season.

Why would you want us to come to that? Because people will die? I'll have to stop by with Anubis anyway.

I just thought maybe we could watch the storm together.

likes this.

Aw, that's sweet. I haven't seen you in a long time, either.


Hey, if your wife's coming home, does that mean Anath and I can't come along?

I don't care if you join us. The more the merrier, eh?

Maybe I'll just stay at Osiris's place instead.


@Neith, why would you tell them to give Horus the Younger the throne? I could've beaten him.

Because it is his birthright. His father was king.

His father was my brother.

And you killed him.

Yes, and?

You're hopeless.

likes this.

likes this.

[private message] Hey, I need some advice.

Sure, man. What's up?

I got rid of Balder.

Serious?! Whoa! Score! Congratulations.

No, no, it's all messed up. Frigga and Nanna are being a couple of crybabies and they sent Hermod to go talk Hel into sending him back to the land of the living.

Oh, that sucks. So what are you going to do? Go down there and cut him into a bunch of pieces?

Like that worked with Osiris? Please. I think I'm going to try dressing up as a giant.

How is this better than cutting him into pieces?

You'll see.

I <3 @Zeus's thunderbolt.

Why thank you, son of Nut. I like yours, too. Been practicing with it, have you?

Oh yeah. I like throwing it around. Over the desert, over the western mountains, behind the army as they file into Asia. Scared the Duat out of the Hittites.

Ever tried throwing it at mortals?

No! Really?

Oh yes. You think you scared the Hittites? Try throwing it at one of your priests next time he comes in with day-old bread.

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