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Shakespeare Quotes: Hot blooded

Shakespeare Quotes: Hot blooded


The Merry Wives of Windsor

Hot blooded Why Should I Care

Why Should I Care?

Stop us if this sounds familiar. You get home past curfew, so your parents ground you. Then you storm off, huffing and puffing, and get in trouble for your attitude to boot. Any ringers? Just us then?

That's what we might call "hot-blooded." It happens to us all the time when something goes awry or we're having a bad day, because it's easy to have a little moment of overblown crankiness amid the insanity. We'll admit that most of the time, this kind of reaction is completely exaggerating whatever's happening.

Isn't that what Shakespeare and theater is all about though? Sure, there's the poetic language and the great characters, but a lot of his plays are really just about performance and theatricality itself. Shakespeare likes to give characters different emotions to play with, and we (as audience members) give them license to play around with those strong emotions on stage.

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