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Shakespeare Quotes: Love is blind

Shakespeare Quotes: Love is blind

Love is blind Introduction

I'm Speed. I'm a servant but I also know a good joke when I see one. I like to brag and I'm pretty quick with the witty comments. Hence the name Speed. And you know what I think?

Because Love is blind. O, that you had mine eyes;
or your own eyes had the lights they were wont to
have when you chid at Sir Proteus for going ungartered! (2.1.67-69).

Who Said It and Where

Speed from Two Gentlemen of Verona is Valentine's clownish servant. He's got a quick wit and a habit of bagging on other characters in a way that reveals how foolish people can be.

When the play opens, Valentine and Proteus (a.k.a. the two gentlemen of Verona) are in the middle of an emotional goodbye. You see, Valentine is leaving for Milan and his BFF is sad to see him go. Proteus would join him on his adventure, but he's in love with Julia so he's decided to stay home in Verona to be with her. Swoon, etc.

Valentine thinks that's ridiculous, but whatever. That's before he met Silvia. Then he starts bragging about how gorgeous Silvia is. But of course Speed has a comeback for everything. Speed teases Valentine about his crush and says that Valentine's been moping around like a lovesick puppy: sighing, folding his arms, singing love songs, refusing to eat, and crying like a girl weeping over her dead grandmother. (He seriously says that.)

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