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She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty


by George Gordon, Lord Byron

She Walks in Beauty Principles Quotes

How we cite our quotes: I cite by line number only in this module.

Quote #1

Where thoughts serenely sweet express (line 11)

The sound of this line, with its repeated s sound (a.k.a. "sibilance"), reflects the meaning of the line as well: the line sounds as soothing and "serene" as her thoughts supposedly are.

Quote #2

How pure, how dear their dwelling place. (line 12)

The speaker assumes that the calm and "serene" expression on the woman's face reflects the "pur[ity]" of her mind.

Quote #3

But tell of days in goodness spent, (line 16)

The speaker also assumes that the woman's sweet expression "tell[s]" the story of her past goodness – that's a lot to read just from someone's facial expression.

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