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She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty


by George Gordon, Lord Byron

She Walks in Beauty Resources


Biography of Lord Byron

This is a useful biography of Lord Byron, published by Gale.

Collection of Resources on Byron's Life and Works

This website has a useful collection of biographical and critical resources about Lord Byron.


Opening Credits of the Film Vanity Fair

The opening credits of the film Vanity Fair (directed by Mira Nair and starring Reese Witherspoon) have "She Walks in Beauty," as performed by Sissel, in the background. Give it a listen!

Photo Montage, Set to Music

This is a photo montage with the text of the poem, set to piano music. Are these the kind of images that you would choose to represent the poem?

Choir Performance of "She Walks in Beauty"

The musical arrangement is by David Foltz.


Classic Poetry Aloud Podcast

This is a link to a recording of the poem from the Classic Poetry Aloud Podcast.

Recording of the Poem

This is a link to a YouTube recording of the poem. "She Walks in Beauty" is being read aloud, and is accompanied by a portrait of Byron, for your viewing pleasure.


Portrait of Young Byron

This is a portrait of Byron as a young man, looking as dashing as always.

Portrait of Young Byron, Part Deux

This is another portrait of Lord Byron this one from the National Gallery in London. This one is by American artist William Edward West, and was painted in 1822 while Byron lived in Italy. Unfortunately, no one liked the finished painting, including Byron's Italian lover, Countess Teresa Guiccioli.

Portrait of Byron in Albanian Dress

This is a portrait of Byron by Thomas Phillips, from the National Portrait Gallery in London. Phillips painted it in 1835 (after Byron had died). Byron became a national hero in Greece when he helped fight for Greek independence in their war against Turkey. He died in Greece – not of injuries in battle, but of a fever.

Photo of Byron's Grave

The monument pictured here was donated by the King of Greece in 1881. He wanted to honor Byron for championing the cause of Greek independence.


Gazette Article on Byron's Reception in America

Byron never traveled to the U.S., but he always wanted to.

Byron's Selected Letters and Journals

This is a link to a recent collection of Byron's letters and journals, edited by Leslie Marchand.

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