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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 41 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Danny wakes up with a start.
  • He's been dreaming that he and Wendy were on the lawn watching the Overlook burn down. In the dream he points out to Wendy that the hedge animals "were all dead" (41.3). Then Jack breaks out of the Overlook, on fire.
  • Now his mom is asleep next to him, so he knows he didn't cry out.
  • He feels like something really bad had almost happened.
  • Danny tries to read Jack and knows he's thinking about the Bad Thing.
  • As he's begins probing Jack's specific thoughts he hears someone say: "(GET OUT OF HIS MIND, YOU LITTLE SHIT!)" (41.8).
  • It isn't his dad's voice, but he recognizes it – he thinks it might be very close to him now.
  • Danny gets up and goes out into the hall. He sees "a man on all fours" (41.11) dressed in a dog costume, with fake fangs and a bloody face.
  • He barks and growls at Danny, and his blood stained teeth are visible.
  • Danny tells the "dogman" to let him pass and the dogman says he's going to make a meal of Danny.
  • At this point, Danny forgets being brave and runs back the way he came.
  • The dogman is yelling that he knows what Harry Derwent enjoys when in private. (In case you forgot, Harry is the guy who owned the Overlook in 1945, and perhaps still owns it in 1975.)
  • In any case, the dogman is saying he wants to ruin Derwent's house (which would be the Overlook).
  • Danny looks in on Wendy and she's still asleep, so Danny goes back into the hall, thinking the dogman has probably disappeared.
  • Nope. Still there. Still barking and growling. Danny thinks he could also be laughing and/or crying under his dog mask.
  • So Danny goes back to Wendy in the bedroom.
  • He knows the Overlook is the boss now, and that it put the dogman there to keep him from looking for Jack.
  • Danny starts crying and thinking that soon they will all be dead. They'll have to live at the Overlook forever with all the rest of the awful things here.
  • He tries to pull himself together and sends a big shine to Dick, begging him to get to the Overlook.
  • Oh no. Now he sees the drunken figure with the mallet inside his eyes, and he hears the voice say: "I'll make you stop it! You goddamn puppy! I'll make you stop it because I am your FATHER" (41.38).
  • Now he's seeing only the bedroom. Wendy wakes with a start.
  • Danny and Wendy hear the sound of the mallet cutting the air, and they know they are all by themselves.
  • Danny won't be able to call Halloran.
  • It's snowing even harder than before.

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