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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 50 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Danny is sleeping. Wendy hopes he'll be able to sleep for a whole night for once, without being plagued by nightmares.
  • She thought she heard Jack and someone else talking about freeing Jack from the cellar.
  • Wendy really needs to know if Jack somehow managed to get out.
  • She doesn't think he did, but she needs to make sure. She also wants to get the tray with Danny's soup and omelet. They can at least eat the soup.
  • Still she's caught between staying here with Danny, and checking on Jack.
  • The need to check on Jack wins out.
  • Holding tight to the knife, Wendy leaves the quarters.
  • From the stairs she can see that the lights in the kitchen are on, but she can't remember if she'd left them that way.
  • When she gets near the ballroom she hears the clock under glass ticking.
  • It begins to strike the hours. When it gets to twelve, Wendy hears the call to, "Unmask!" (50.69), and for moments the party is in swing.
  • Then she sees that a Jack-like being is coming angrily toward her swinging the roque mallet.
  • He hits her hard in the stomach with it.
  • She rolls out of the way of his next swing.
  • He tries to hit her again and drops the mallet. She takes advantage of this situation and runs to the stairs.
  • Jack follows and smashes her in the ribs with the mallet, breaking at least two.
  • On the floor, rolling to avoid the mallet, Wendy sees the knife where she dropped it on the stairs.
  • As she moves toward it, Jack hits her just under the knee with the mallet.
  • After avoiding more swings of the mallet, Wendy rolls her body down the stairs, hard into Jack. He falls.
  • As Jack is about to pick up the mallet, Wendy jumps on him, plunging "the kitchen knife in his lower back up to the handle" (50.89).
  • She rests for a few minutes, expecting to see Danny any moment. With relief she thinks that maybe they didn't wake him up.
  • Her body a mass of pain, Wendy pulls herself up the stairs to Danny.
  • At the halfway point, she sees that Jack is getting up.
  • He begins to come after her.

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