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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 51 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Halloran Arrives

  • Halloran gets the gas station when Larry Durkin is about to take off.
  • When he learns that Cottrell sent him, he's eager to help. He's hoping Danny and his family is OK.
  • He gives Halloran instructions on how to use the snowmobile.
  • Durkin also provides Halloran with a ski mask. He's heard bad things about the Overlook.
  • He tells Halloran to bring Danny to his place if he manages to free him from the hotel.
  • Freezing cold and gripped with fear Halloran takes the snowmobile up to the Overlook, almost losing control of the machine many times.
  • He has no idea how much time passes before the Overlook comes into view.
  • Something is in front of him; he can make it out in the headlights.
  • It's a hedge lion! It attacks Halloran, who falls out of the snowmobile into the snow.
  • The lion jumps on him again. Halloran tries to get away, tries to get to the snowmobile.
  • The lion keeps attacking him.

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