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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 53 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Halloran Laid Low

  • When Wendy is about to go into the quarters (with Jack pursuing her) Halloran gets to the snowmobile. He wants the gas can.
  • The hedge lion is still smacking him around.
  • He gets the gas can, and starts throwing gas on the lion.
  • The lion doesn't like it, and keeps coming for Halloran.
  • Gas sloshes on his arm, wetting his coat and mitten. He gets his lighter out of his pocket, and when the lion attacks again, he flicks the lighter.
  • His mitten catches on fire. The hedge lion is backing off some, and Halloran hits it with his flaming mitten.
  • When the lion retreats, Halloran puts out the fire on his hand and arm in the snow.
  • Holding the gas can, he manages to get back on the snowmobile and put it in motion.
  • He gets to the Overlook's gate, unlocks it, and manages to open it.
  • Now he sees that the rest of the hedge animals are in on the action – barring the entrance and exit of the hotel.
  • Jack hears Halloran's impending arrival when he's in the quarters, outside the bathroom Wendy has locked herself into.
  • He can finish with Wendy later, but now he must deal with Halloran.
  • Halloran takes the snowmobile all the way to the porch and jumps to it just as he feels a hedgy scratch.
  • He enters the hotel and calls out for Danny.
  • He sees blood and torn cloth on the stairs.
  • Fearing he's too late, he runs up the stairs to the caretaker's quarters.
  • Jack is "hiding in the elevator" (53.41). He follows Halloran up the stairs and hits him with the mallet, first in the head, then in the face.
  • Now, Jack is looking for Danny.
  • Jack takes the elevator to the third floor where he's sure Danny is hiding.
  • He calls out to him. He says, "Danny, come here a minute will you? You've done something wrong and I want you to come and take your medicine like a man" (53.60).

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