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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 57 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Danny and Halloran struggle to get Wendy, who is barefooted, to the snowmobile. She's not in very good shape at all.
  • Halloran gets Wendy onto the snowmobile. Then, he and Danny get on, too.
  • He watches the hotel burning as he drives.
  • He thinks he sees something that looks like a humongous manta ray come out of the window of the Presidential Suite. The wind blows it apart.
  • Halloran makes it to the equipment shed and goes into it to find blankets to help keep them warm on the trip down.
  • Inside, he sees that "one of the roque mallets [is] gone" and he wonders if that was Jack's weapon.
  • As Danny calls to him, Halloran starts to get strange thoughts in his head, like "(Spare the rod, spoil the child)"(57.53).
  • He begins to think that Danny is the cause of all this trouble, Danny, who abandoned his own father to a burning building.
  • Now there is fear in Danny's voice as he calls to Halloran.
  • It doesn't sound very nice. Halloran picks up a roque mallet.
  • Wait! He stops, wondering what's come over him.
  • Something invades his mind, saying "(KILL THEM BOTH!)" (57.63).
  • He throws the mallet down and then runs back to the snowmobile. He helps Danny and Wendy get wrapped up snugly in the blankets.
  • As they pass the gate in the snowmobile, Danny points to the hedge animals. All their leaves have been scorched away.
  • When they are on the road to Sidewinder, the shed catches on fire.
  • They are about twenty miles from Sidewinder now, and Halloran is feeding the snowmobile the rest of the gas.
  • He's growing increasingly concerned about Wendy.
  • Now Danny is pointing to something. It's "a pearly chain of lights" (57.82).
  • In a quarter of an hour, Halloran, Danny, and Wendy have reached the other snowmobiles.
  • Finally, "the long darkness [is] over" (57.89).

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