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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Chapter 7 Summary

How It All Goes Down

In Another Bedroom

  • Danny wakes up. The echo of the drunken, crazy voice in his head: "Come out here and take your medicine! I'll find you! I'll find you! (7.1).
  • Danny gets up and looks out the window for Tony.
  • It's 2 am.
  • He hears Tony calling him, and he sees a "shadow standing by the bus stop" (7.13)
  • He stands there by the window for "a minute? an hour?" (7.16).
  • He doesn't see Tony, so he gets back in bed, and under the covers.
  • The shadows from the streetlight want to "drag him down into a blackness where one sinister word flashe[s] in red" (7.17) That word is "REDRUM" (7.18).

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