The Shining
The Shining
by Stephen King

Language and Communication Quotes in The Shining Page 2

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Quote #4

"You shine on boy, harder than anyone I ever met in my life. […]. You got a knack. […] Me I've always called it shining. That's what my grandmother called it, too. She had it. We used to sit in the kitchen when I was a boy and have long talks without even opening our mouths." (11.7, 9)

Halloran seems to be suggesting that shining is something that can be developed through practice, something Danny is already figuring out.

Quote #5

"Roque. Stroke. Redrum." (15.59)

This is an example of what Jack and Wendy hear when Danny is in Tony-land, the land of shadows. It alludes to the fact that a man staying at the Overlook had a stroke on the roque court.

Quote #6


Danny's psychic cry for help gets Dick's attention, but also nearly get him killed. It overpowers his current reality and strands him momentarily in the world of the minds.

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