The Shining
The Shining
by Stephen King

Language and Communication Quotes in The Shining Page 1

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Quote #1

"[…] vague things that had to do with security, with Daddy's selfimage, feelings of guilt and anger and what was to become of them." (4.6)

This is Danny doing some one way communication – reading his mothers thoughts. We think King does a great job of filtering adult thoughts through the innocent eyes of a child.

Quote #2


Danny at fifteen (otherwise know as Tony), tries to alert five-year-old Danny to the Overlook's danger through the use of signs. This is pretty weird since Tony must know that Danny can't read. Even Tony's communications with Danny are a huge struggle.

Quote #3

"(Sure you don't want to go to Florida, doc)" (10.45)

Halloran says this to Danny, but without moving his lips! It's Danny's first experience with two-way psychic communication.

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