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Quote #7

"Let me out, Grady. I'll take care of them." (48.11)

Like the woman in 217, Grady has some control over the physical world. In this case, he lets Jack out of the pantry, after Jack agrees to kill Wendy and Danny. These touches make it difficult to avoid supernatural explanations, unless there's some evil mastermind hiding in the hotel, creating all this with special effects.

Quote #8

(Real psychic phenomena or group hypnosis?) (50.4)

Wendy comes to believe the former, but is the latter a possibility. If so, who or what is hypnotizing the Torrances?

Quote #9

The door to one of the rooms jerked open and a man with a green ghoulmask on popped out. "Great party, isn't it?" He screamed into her face, and pulled the waxed string of a party favor. (52.7)

What a bummer. If not for the cameo appearance of this ghost, Wendy might have gotten to the quarters before Jack breaks her vertebra with the mallet. The hotel is doing its best to help Jack kill Wendy.

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