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Time Quotes in The Shining

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

When he came back to the world of real things, he was lying on the floor with beans and mashed potatoes on his lap and his mommy was holding him and crying and his daddy had been on the phone. (4.9)

Since Danny doesn't always remember the things he sees when he goes with Tony, and/or concentrates too hard, he has the experience of 'losing time' often associated with schizophrenia and other mysteries of the human mind.

Quote #2

Now it was five o'clock, and although he […] couldn't tell time to well […] he was aware of passing time by the lengthening of the shadows, and by the golden cast that now tinged the afternoon light" (4.2)

Downright poetic, isn't it? This is an early hint that ideas of time, of shadow, and of light (golden cast) and sunshine will work together in the novel. It also points eloquently to Danny's innocence, and to all the things he doesn't know.

Quote #3

"[…] she dreaded the day when [Danny] grew old enough to lay blame" (6.44).

Most parents probably feel this sense of guilt and incompetency at some time or other. When there are questions of abuse and dysfunction, as is the case here, these feelings are magnified. The passage also alludes to a dread of the passing of time, a dread of the future.

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