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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

Versions of Reality Quotes in The Shining

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

(Don't push the facts away this time, girl. There are certain realities, as lunatic as this situation may be. One of them is that you are the only responsible person left in this grotesque pile. […])(46.2).

In Wendy's "Character Analysis" we argue that one of her strengths is her ability to accurately and honestly assess reality, even when the reality is supernatural.

Quote #5

"Great splashes of dried blood, flecked with tiny bits of grayish-white tissue" (12.39)

Danny is living in two or more realities at once when he sees the bloody wall of the Presidential Suite, as becomes clear when the blood starts oozing freshly from the wall a bit later on. This goes nicely with the theme of time in the novel.

Quote #6

He saw no need to mention his hallucination. (23.62)

By hallucination, Jack means the moving hedge lions. He seems to know it was more than that, but admitting it would mean admitting they must leave the Overlook. Jack would prefer to think he's going insane.

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