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The Shining

The Shining

by Stephen King

Violence Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

"Stop fooling, doc. Bedtime's bedtime. Spanking if you don't open up" (16.44).

How you feel about spankings will determine how you feel about this passage. Since we know Jack isn't in control enough to necessarily spank Danny without hurting him (assuming such a thing is possible) the threat is very scary. The passage also shows how Jack's immediate response to irritating or anxious situation is violence.

Quote #8

[…] fish-smelling hands closed softly around his throat and he turn[s] […] to stare into that dead and purple face (25.59).

Yep. The woman in 217. As if the visual violence of her rotting corpse isn't enough, she is also able to inflict physical violence. Pretty neat trick considering her body was taken to the morgue after her death!

Quote #9

"Now. Now by Christ. I guess you'll take your medicine now. Goddamn puppy. Whelp. Come on and take your medicine" (26.14).

We hear these phrases and variations of them throughout the novel. This passage provides the roots of it. Jack is remembering what his father said to his mother when he was beating her with the cane when Jack was nine.

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