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Silas Marner

Silas Marner


by George Eliot

Godfrey Cass Timeline and Summary

  • Godfrey is behaving badly out of stress (although we don't know exactly what he's doing).
  • We learn that Dunstan has convinced Godfrey to marry Molly Farren, the town drunk. They have a child together. Godfrey hides the marriage from his father.
  • Dunstan convinces him to sell his horse in order to hide the theft of some rent money. The horse dies, Dunstan disappears, and Godfrey confesses the theft—but not the marriage—to his father.
  • When Godfrey's wife Molly dies, he pretends not to know the child.
  • Godfrey marries Nancy Lammeter, but their only child dies as a baby.
  • Dustan's body is discovered sixteen years later at the bottom of the quarry, and Godfrey confesses everything to Nancy.
  • Godfrey tells Eppie and Silas that Eppie is his child and offers to adopt her, but she refuses.