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Silas Marner

Silas Marner


by George Eliot

Silas Marner Home Quotes

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Quote #10

Eppie had a larger garden than she had ever expected there now; and in other ways there had been alterations at the expense of Mr Cass, the landlord, to suit Silas's larger family. For he and Eppie had declared that they would rather stay at the Stone-pits than go to any new home. The garden was fenced with stones on two sides, but in front there was an open fence, through which the flowers shone with answering gladness, as the four united people came within sight of them.

"O father," said Eppie, "what a pretty home ours is! I think nobody could be happier than we are." (2.21.16-17)

Silas Marner ends with an ode to home. But "prettiness" is a weird adjective—for Eppie, a "pretty" home and a "happy" home seem to be one and the same. Can an ugly house still be a home? Or, here's a thought: is it pretty because she loves it and the people in it?

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