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Silas Marner

Silas Marner


by George Eliot

Silas Marner Resources



Is your cholesterol just a little too low? Here's a recipe to get that number up for you.

No One Likes a Critic

People (not just us) have said a lot about Silas Marner.

From Spindle to Forever 21

Not too long ago, every stitch of clothing you owned would have been spun, woven, and sewn by hand. Here's a quick run-down of the technology that made $5 t-shirts a reality.

Movies and TV

Silas Marner

If Victorian prose isn't quite boring enough for you, here's a silent, black and white adaptation from 1911 to liven things up.

Silas Marner

Technology sure changes in four years (not). Here's another black-and-white, and silent, adaptation from (1916).

Silas Marner

What was it with the early 20th century? Here's another version, from 1922.

Silas Marner

Finally, some color. BBC's 1964 adaptation of Silas Marner, with David Markham as Silas.

Silas Marner

And finally, some recognizable actors. BBC's 1985 version of Silas Marner, with Ben Kingsley as Silas.

A Simple Twist of Fate

Steve Martin wrote the screenplay for this loose 1994 adaptation of Silas Marner, in which a little girl, Mathilda, is adopted by furniture-maker Michael.

Wishbone: Golden Retrieved

Kid's show Wishbone adapts Silas Marner—literature, with dogs—in 1995.

Historical Documents

Review: The Athenaeum

A positive review from one of the 19th century's leading literary magazines. Who says critics are always negative?

Review: Macmillan's Magazine

An 1861 review discussing the typical English-ness of Silas Marner.


Ben Kingsley as Silas Marner

Part One of BBC's 1985 adaptation of Silas Marner. (The whole thing's there, but you didn't hear it from us.)

Wishbone: Golden Retrieved

Everything's better with dogs.

A Simple Twist of Fate: Trailer

Steve Martin wrote the screenplay for this loose 1994 adaptation of Silas Marner, in which a little girl, Mathilda, is adopted by furniture-maker Michael.

Village Life

A slideshow of real live Raveloe in the 21st century, with an awesome soundtrack


SIlas Marner on BBC's Radio 4

Cultured Brits discuss Silas Marner on BBC Radio 4.


Early Multimedia Education

Who says technology doesn't belong in the classroom? Some images (and a short description) of a Baltimore school's 1936 class project, a film production of Silas Marner.

Eliot's Hearth and Home

Here's a motherload of images of Eliot's home and life.

Loom of Doom

Check out this image of one of the machines that put Silas out of business. These power looms were invented in the 1780s, and by 1850 had taken over textile production.

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