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by Marianne Moore

Silence Power Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

and can be robbed of speech
by speech which has delighted them. (9-10)

These people are so superior, they're OK with not asserting their superiority all the time. They are confident and secure enough to let other people do all the talking; they don't feel like they have to put in their own two cents every minute. The word "robbed" makes them sound like they are briefly overpowered, or even victimized, but even that's not a big deal. They let it happen. They're still in control.

Quote #5

[…] "Make my house your inn." (13)

Notice that the only times the speaker or her father mention themselves is when they describe something they own. In the speaker's case, that's "my father," and in the father's case, that's "my house." Calling something yours is an assertion of power – it turns that thing into your possession.

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