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by Marianne Moore

Silence Resources


What the Critics Say

Excerpts from various literary critics' interpretations of "Silence."

Poetry Foundation

A brief biography of Moore and some links to her poetry.

The Glass Flowers at Harvard

The Harvard Natural History Museum's website on their 19th-century glass flowers collection.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

The cemetery in Cambridge, MA where Longfellow is buried.


Lecture on Moore's Poetry

Yale University professor Landgon Hammer discusses various poems by Moore, including the relationship between "Silence" and 19th-century American poetry.

Sound of "Silence"

A band turned "Silence" into a rock song. And made a helpful YouTube video illustrating the lyrics.

Marianne Moore: Voices and Visions

A PBS documentary on the poet, which gives helpful biographical and historical background for her work.

Glass Flowers at Harvard

Learn about the making of the glass flowers referenced in Moore's poem.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Be a "superior person" and check out Mount Auburn Cemetery, where Longfellow's grave is, on your own, though this YouTube video.


Longfellow's Grave

The 19th-century poet's tombstone located in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA.

The Poet

Check out her dramatic getup – a cape and tricorn hat.


Moore after 9/11

University of Pennsylvania professor Al Filreis' article on why it's important to keep reading Moore after 9/11.

Seeking Self-Reliant Kitten

Abigail Deutsch describes Moore's peculiar affection for cats and her attempt to get a kitten through a Village Voice contest.

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