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Similar Triangles

Similar Triangles

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Beep, beep, back the truck up. Let's quickly remember that a ratio is a comparison of two related quantities found by dividing one quantity by another. To write a ratio, you can either wr...


A proportion is a statement of the equality of two ratios. Unlike the amateur portion who tells us that he kept that status just so he could compete in the portion Olympics, a proportion...

Triangle Proportionality Theorem

Similar triangles can be located any number of places, including one inside the other. And if you're working with a big problem, there may be a third similar triangle inside of the first two. And t...

Triangle Midsegment Theorem

The Triangle Midsegment Theorem. TMT. Sounds like fun, yes? While not nearly as scandalous as TMZ, the TMT shares plenty of juicy morsels of gossip about the lengths of various line segme...

Angles and Sides

Are you tired of hearing that similar triangles have congruent angles and proportional sides? We only keep saying it because it's important. And true. And important.If we know that two triangles ha...

Proving Triangle Similarity

Imagine you've been caught up in a twister that deposits you and your little dog in the middle of a strange new land. In order to get home, you must prove that two triangles are similar. How will y...


Ack!Hey, chill. Take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture, and you'll see that the monsters of geometry aren't quite that scary.The world is full of plenty of transformations, processes tha...

Similarity in Other Polygons

Triangles, triangles, triangles! Why do they get all the attention?It's so hard being the younger sibling of the strongest and most stable shape there is. How about some love for the rest...
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