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Skunk Hour
Skunk Hour
by Robert Lowell

Skunk Hour Resources

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A brief biography of Lowell and selected poetry.

A more extensive biography and links to selected poetry.

Modern American Poetry

A great site from the University of Illinois. Lowell's page includes many scholars' thoughts on a variety of Lowell's poetry, including "Skunk Hour."


Hear It!
Lowell reads "Skunk Hour."


The Poet

Lowell as a young(ish) man.

At Work

Lowell looking a little disheveled in the library!

Old Pals

See Lowell and Bishop walking along the beach – an image familiar to both of their work.


Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell
It's all the juicy stuff! This book tracks the friendship of Lowell and Bishop through their long letter-writing correspondence.
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