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The Snow Man

The Snow Man


by Wallace Stevens

The Snow Man Resources


Poets.org Has the Goods on Our Guy

Biography, poems, and audio—oh my!

Modern American Poets

Get your groove on with your inner academic by checking out what elbow-patched critics are saying about Stevens's poetry.

NY Times interview

Meet Mr. Stevens… in 1954. No time machine necessary.


A Poet Reads another Poet

The ever awesome James Merrill reads "The Snow Man" in this old school video.

Voices & Visions

This awesome documentary series covers a ton of different poets, but you should definitely check out their take on Stevens.



Linguist Jay Keyser explains why "The Snow Man" is the greatest short poem written in English. Now that's high praise.

Poetryfoundation.org's Take on the Sound of "The Snow Man"

A nice, slow reading of the poem that emphasizes the tone. It's borderline eerie, Shmoopers.

101 Sevens Readings

A link to the Wallace Stevens podcast. And yes. There is a Wallace Stevens podcast.


Awkward Times With Bob

Here Stevens and Robert Frost hang out in Key West. They look like they're having a grand old time. And by grand old, we mean awful.

Stevens' House

Nice digs, dude. Looks like the insurance business treated him well.


Library of America's Wallace Stevens

Great book, but it's not for the cheap of heart.

The Necessary Angel: Essays on Reality and the Imagination

Wonder where all this snow man philosophy is coming from?

A Reader's Guide to Wallace Stevens

For those of you who just can't get enough.

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