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Sobek Photos

Pharaoh's Annual Physical
Ptolemy VI and his sister/wife Cleopatra II visited me, Khonsu, and Horus the Healer for his annual checkup. We told him he needed to eat less if he didn't want to end up like his little brother Ptolemy VII (who was called Physcon, or Fatty). [Wall detail from temple of Sobek and Horus the Elder at Kom Ombo, Egypt.]

My man Sobekhotep!
Sobekhotep means "Sobek is peaceful." This king is one of the six by that name. I think he's the fourth one. Can't tell them apart anymore. [Statue of Sobekhotep IV, ca. 1700BCE]

Need a new hat
This one is way too big. How am I supposed to sneak up on anything wearing this? [Drawing of Sobek from an ancient Egyptian original. Reproduced from the Meyers Konversations Lexikons Volume 4, 1885-1890CE]

Kom Ombo Hospital Log: Migraine Clinic
Got a headache? We can fix that. First we put a crocodile on your head…and then you forget all about that headache! (It's a clay crocodile, relax.) [Reproduction from a drawing in an Egyptian medical papyrus, date unknown]

Before: Reconstruction Crew
Can you believe our temple looked this bad? Ugh, earthquakes. [Early photograph (ca. 1890CE) of Kom Ombo temple before modern reconstruction/restoration]

After: Reconstruction Crew
I think they did a good job. Too bad some of the stones got carried off to the nearby town and the rest fell in the Nile after an earthquake. Maybe we can raise some money to get them replaced? [Kom Ombo temple ruins. Photo 2008 by Daniel Fafard]

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