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Sobek's Wall


Oh! How can they fight over their own history? So sad.

Terrible news for the Sudanese. I hope it turns out well.

I agree. This is terrible, but it isn't in Egypt.

Where do you think all the water in YOUR Nile comes from, smarty-pants?

Oh. I hadn't thought of that. We'd best get a petition started.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

posted an event: Sauna Party

Sounds fun. The wife and I will be coming.

Where exactly are you having it? At Kom Ombo? Isn't it a little hot for that?

No, I thought we'd go back to the steam vaults at Karanis.

Oh! In the Faiyum! Horus, sweetie, can we stop at that beautiful little hotel on the lake and have dinner?

If we have time.

I can make it worth your time, if you know what I mean.

Well then.

Get a room, you two.

Hello, son. It's been a while.

Yes, it has. Since you KILLED YOUR BROTHER and all. How could you?

Are we going to argue about that again?

Again? Did we actually start arguing about it?

Hm, now that you mention it, maybe we didn't. Losing track of how many people are giving me grief about this.

Speaking of. Sobek, we've got room at Kom Ombo for you, if you'd like to help us out in the hospital.

Would I! I'll be there as soon as I can swim south. Can I bring Tasenetnofret?

I already put aside a place for her.

Where are you putting them? All there is at Kom Ombo is your house and my house.

Well, yeah, brother. About your house….

You too, Big Bird?

Priest of Sobek

Great One, I have a deep and important question for you.

Yes, my son?

Priest of Sobek

You know all your children, the sacred crocodiles that we keep in your temples?

Yes? Is something wrong?

Priest of Sobek

Oh, no, your emerald gorgeousness. It's just…we're wondering if they have ears.

Ears? They're crocodiles. Don't be ridiculous.

Priest of Sobek

Well, what do we do with all the earrings we bought for your feast day?

You bought them earrings?

Priest of Sobek

Well, Bast's kittens wear earrings, and the Apis bulls wear earrings, and we thought it'd be nice and fashionable to follow suit.

Priest of Sobek

I'd better contact my brother at Thoth's ibis temple, you think?

Might be a good idea.

Whoa! That's a beast. More than 20 feet long!

Did you make him?

I suppose so, but I don't remember making any that big.

Maybe he ate something radioactive, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I hope he doesn't know karate.

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