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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes Chapter 30 Summary

  • Though the roof is now unmarked, the boys see the balloon still in the air. Will stares at his Boy Scout archery weapons and sends a silent apology to his dad as he sneaks out of the house yet again.
  • But how is Will to summon the Witch? He decides that since the Witch can sense emotion, he will let the elation of out-smarting her wash over him. He calls the Witch back.
  • He can feel the earth moving as the Witch moves back.
  • Suddenly, Will realizes that the Witch is coming back to his house. He pulls on his clothes and runs out. He decides to run to the empty Redman house. Once he scrambles up to the roof, he calls again to the Witch. He hides his weapons.
  • She descends in her balloon, but then becomes suspicious.
  • Will calls her closer with his mind.
  • Will pulls his bowstring back, aiming at the balloon. The bow breaks.
  • Clutching the basket rim, Will takes one of his arrowheads and throws it at the balloon. It pierces the canvas.
  • As air is being sucked out of the balloon, it flies away "coughing out its stinking winds."
  • Will falls off the roof and skids to the ground.
  • His fall is broken by a tree. He is face up to the moon.
  • Afraid he will fall out the tree and kill himself on the ground below, Will stays motionless.
  • Once his head stops pounding, he climbs down carefully.

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