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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes Chapter 46 Summary

  • The parade continues through the carnival midway. Behind them about a half-mile is the wounded Dust Witch.
  • Behind her is Will's father, chewing medicine as he goes.
  • Mr. Dark reaches the Mirror Maze. He directs the boys in. They are told to stay in the Waxwork Museum at the end of the Maze.
  • Visitors passing through fail to realize how lifelike some of these "wax" statues are.
  • Mr. Dark goes to announce the final event of the evening to all the carnival goers: "The Most Amazingly Dangerous, ofttimes Fatal – World Famous Bullet Trick!"
  • Mr. Dark calls for the rifles, and then calls for a volunteer to fire one at the Dust Witch.
  • She is not happy about this. Someone hands her up the platform. Mr. Dark asks if the clock was stopped.
  • She answers no. Mr. Dark gets angry. The Witch asks him to stop the act.
  • Mr. Dark grabs a pinch of flesh on his wrist. It is an illustration of a blind woman. The Witch spasms.
  • Mr. Dark issues one last call for volunteers.
  • A voice comes from the back. It is Charles Halloway.

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