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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes Chapter 47 Summary

  • Charles Halloway looks around. His eyes find the Mirror Maze and he spots "an echo of two boys in the powdered silver" (47.5).
  • He moves forward through the space cleared for him by the crowd.
  • Charles Halloway steps onto the platform. The Witch trembles secretly.
  • Mr. Dark points out that Charles cannot hold a rifle with his ruined left hand. Charles replies that he'll do it one-handed.
  • Mr. Dark hurls a rifle through the air. Charles catches it.
  • The Dust Witch is set up in front of a massive bull's-eye target.
  • Charles calls for a boy volunteer to help him hold the rifle. He shouts specifically for his son Will.
  • Will sits in the Wax Museum as the crowd calls for him. Mr. Dark and the Dust Witch squirm uncomfortably.
  • The crowd soon aids Mr. Halloway in his calling for Will. They are in a good mood. They laugh and joke.
  • Something moves in the Maze. Will stands at the entrance looking a little dazed. Will moves through the crowd and joins his father on the platform. Charles declares Will his good left hand.
  • The crowd claps. Will's senses are still impaired. He cannot see or hear.
  • Charles calls the crowd closer to see the act. He asks Mr. Dark for the bullet.
  • Mr. Dark offers it to Charles. Will does not notice what is going on.
  • Mr. Dark instructs Charles to mark the bullet with his initials. Charles carves a mysterious crescent moon into the lead.
  • Mr. Dark goes to reassure the Dust Witch, then hears the rifle being opened. Charles knows that Mr. Dark has substituted the real bullet for a fake crayon wax bullet that will explode upon being fired, rendering it harmless. Mr. Dark usually slips the target the real marked bullet to place between his or her teeth.
  • Charles opens the rifle and marks the fake, wax bullet again with the crescent moon.
  • Charles sets up his shot with Will as his brace.
  • Mr. Dark clenches a fist. Will's picture is crushed. Will falls.
  • Charles panders to the crowd a little as he plans with Will the best way to proceed. Charles takes aim and tells Will to show the Dust Witch his teeth. The Witch pales.
  • Charles is nervous as he gets ready to shoot. He tamps down his fears. He stares at the Witch and mouths words for her alone. He lets her know that the mysterious moon on his bullets represent his smile. He says it once more, silently.
  • Will holds the weapon.
  • Charles fires.

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