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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes Chapter 48 Summary

  • Everyone takes a deep breath.
  • The Witch screams.
  • Jim breathes air.
  • Will shrieks himself awake.
  • Mr. Dark tries to stop what happens next: the Witch falls into the dust.
  • The crowd screams.
  • Mr. Halloway knows that the Witch is dead.
  • Mr. Dark checks for signs of life. He gives the Witch over to the Dwarf and the Skeleton, telling the crowd that she simply fainted. He is deliberately cavalier as he sends everyone home.
  • Will goes to his father. They search for Jim.
  • Inside the Museum, Jim has not moved.
  • Mr. Halloway moves to go in the museum, but Will stops him. Mr. Dark is running.
  • Mr. Halloway calls for Jim and steps into the maze. An "army of one million sick-mouthed, frost-haired, white-tine-bearded men" stare back at him.
  • Mr. Halloway throws up his arms to ward against these images. The lights go out.

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