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Sometime Around Midnight

Sometime Around Midnight

by The Airborne Toxic Event

Video & Audio

"Sometime Around Midnight" – Majordomo Version

Another video, directed by Jason Wishnow, a more literal reading of the scene in the bar with the ex-girlfriend, produced by the band's record label.

Video Playlist

Part of the band's official homepage, this offers a series of live performances and new videos for their other songs, including "Wishing Well."

VH1: Exclusive Interview

From the band's genesis to the recording of the new album.

The Airborne Toxic Event: Innocence

Black & white/acoustic, quite different from their usual sound.

"Sometime Around Midnight" - Official Video

The same one we analyze here, and the one that appears on the band's official site, newer and more metaphorical than the Majordomo version.