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Song for a Dark Girl
Song for a Dark Girl
by Langston Hughes

Song for a Dark Girl Resources

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Hughes News

Get the basics on the man at

Hughes Hootenanny

More biographical details, and more poems than you could possibly hope for.


"Song for A Dark Girl," Literally

Famous Broadway star Audra McDonald and her killer voice take on a little Hughes. We dare you not to cry. We dare you.


"Song for a Dark Girl"

With accompanying images, some of which are a wee bit disturbing.


Slap a Stamp on It

Hey, here's that stamp we were talking about…

Young Hughes

Very young, actually.


Collected Poems

If you suddenly feel compelled to own every poem the guy ever wrote (and why wouldn't you?), well, this is your book.

Selected Poems

But if you're not up for every poem, you can start here.

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