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A Song of Despair

A Song of Despair


by Pablo Neruda

A Song of Despair Abandonment Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Line)

Quote #4

There were grief and the ruins, and you were the miracle. (28)

Just as, earlier, the speaker felt as though he were on a dark, lonely, island, when he met his lover he was surrounded by sadness and ruins. At that moment she seemed like a miracle that would save him from being abandoned in the wilderness.

Quote #5

Cemetery of kisses, there is still fire in your tombs, (33)

The woman is compared to a cemetery and tombs, a place where kisses go to die! This gives us the idea that she didn't fulfill the expectation of saving him from his abandonment, and that he was left alone after all. Of course, "there is still fire" in that cemetery. Maybe the speaker here is holding out hope for a reunion. What are the odds?

Quote #6

It is the hour of departure. Oh abandoned one. (58)

The poem ends almost like it starts: at the wharves, with the ships gone and the speaker feeling abandoned. What does this circular structure tell us about speaker's state of mind?

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